Ray Jefferson

Bass, Acoustic Guitar, Vocals

We just call him "Killer"

Ibanez GWB 105 fretless 5
Warwick Corvette Standard fretless 4
Ibanez SR-900 fretted 4
Fender Jazz Bass Special

Primary Amp:
Aguilar DB 750 head paired with
SWR Son of Bertha & SWR Goliath III Jr. cabinets

Just the cord ma’am

Previous bands :
Pyramid, Stonehenge, Raven, and The RDR Ryders

Jack Bruce, Geddy Lee, James Jamerson, Flea,Tommy Shannon, Danny Gatton & others

Short Form Bio:
Ray's background includes power rock, jazz-rock fusion, and just a bit of R&B and blues.  He played extensively in the Washington DC area as the bassist for Raven, opened for Ritchie Blackmore & Rainbow and has recorded with fellow San Diego artist Peggy Watson. 


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