Michael McQuilken



Drums Michael plays:
1958 Ludwigs (Restored with help from Paul Bleifus)
2000 Pearl Export Fusion
1982 Yamaha (The Monster)
Bosphoros, Paiste, Sabian, and Zildjian Cymbals

Previous bands :
So What, Fiction, Reality Blue, Killing Floor, Rob Shinn, New Continent, Uncommon Ground, C. Castro Blues Band

Ginger Baker, Terry Bozzio, Bill Bruford, Dennis Chambers, Billy Cobham, Vinnie Colaiuta, Kirk Covington, Trilok Gurtu, Jeff Hamilton, Billy Hart, Elvin Jones, Billy Kilson, Gene Krupa, Carl Palmer, Toss Panos, Joe Morello, Buddy Rich, Steve Smith, Bill Stewart, Tony Williams

This list is not complete. Please forgive me if your name is not here and you have passed a spark of your spirit or technique onto me.

Misc :
"Music is a form of conversation. When you speak with friends, sometimes you say a lot in a short period of time, sometimes you take a break. If you say the same thing to someone everytime they see you they will get bored with you. Try to think of a new thing to say every time you play music. (Advice from Chubby Jackson, 1992)


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